Letter: The Washington Post, Sep 24, 2004

From: Faisal N Jawdat
Date: Fri Sep 24, 2004  12:56:03 AM US/Eastern
To: letters@washpost.com
Subject: ammending the flag

To the Editors,

Senator John Cornyn explains that if Kerry and Edwards vote against a
flag-burning amendment "they're going to have to explain why," (Sep 13,
"Kerry, Edwards and Daschle May Face Vote on Flag.")  We would like
Senator Cornyn to explain why he continues to waste taxpayers' time and
money on publicity stunts.

If Senators Kerry and Edwards choose to vote against the ammendment, why
should they have to explain anything?  A vote against the amendment is a
vote to keep the United States a different and qualitatively better
place from Iran, North Korea, communist China, fascist Italy, and Iraq
under Saddam;  it is a vote for a country where you are allowed to
simultaneously be a dissenter and an idiot in public.

Regulation can not prevent dissent, nor should it.  Every time someone
makes a personal political statement by burning the flag, they make a
far greater one as well -- that the United States of America is still
the greatest country on Earth, and still the place where freedom reigns.
We would hope our representatives in Washington would think more
carefully about throwing away the very freedoms we elected them to
support and defend.

Faisal N. Jawdat