Letter: The St Louis Post-Dispatch, Nov 6, 2001

    From: Faisal Jawdat
    Date: Tue Nov 06, 2001  05:27:29 PM US/Pacific
    To: SiteEditor@stltoday.com
    Subject: Dershowitz article

    To The Editor,

    Your article, "U.S. now might have to consider what once was
    unthinkable, Dershowitz says," (11/04/2001) discusses Alan Dershowitz
    advocating reductions in civil liberties to increase security.  Mr.
    Dershowitz is speaking from fear and uncertainty, and he misses a key
    point:  none of the proposed reductions in civil liberties would
    increase security in the slightest.

    Torture is a useless crime fighting tool, which is one of the reasons it
    is illegal in the United States:  tortured suspects, guilty or not, will
    admit to anything and implicate anyone to stop the torture.

    National ID cards give away a guarantee of anonymity for law-abiding
    citizens while doing nothing to stop terrorists:  we knew exactly who
    the attackers of 9/11 were but were powerless to prevent the attacks.
    Why?  Because they hadn't blown themselves up in a crowded place before
    so we didn't know they'd do it again?  And is Mr. Dershowitz seriously
    suggesting that that men willing to spend half a million dollars to
    indiscriminately kill 6,000 civilians are not willing to use funds or
    force to get a fake ID?

    To throw out the Constitution, written in days of constant danger from
    inside and outside the nascent United States, is to throw out what makes
    America great.  The way to protect freedom is to use it in plain sight,
    not to hide it in a garbage can.

    Faisal Jawdat