Letter: The Washington Post, Oct 21, 2001

    From: Faisal Jawdat
    Date: Sun Oct 21, 2001  07:12:56 PM US/Pacific
    To: letters@washpost.com
    Subject: Regarding "Silence of 4 Terror Probe Suspects Poses Dilemma"

    To the Editor,

    Your article, "Silence of 4 Terror Probe Suspects Poses Dilemma"
    (Sunday, October 21, 2001), states "some are beginning to that say that
    traditional civil liberties may have to be cast aside".  This is
    misleading.  The restrictions against torture, extortion and coerced
    confessions are not 'traditional', they are fundamental to the Bill of

    Despite the enormity of the alleged crimes of these suspects, their
    right to keep their mouth shut (and to not get tortured for exercising
    that right) is guaranteed by the fifth amendment to the Constitution:
    the document upon which this country is based, the document that makes
    America America.

    Anyone who wants to float a trial balloon for discarding the
    constitutional rights of prisoners in the name of expediency should be
    ashamed of themselves.  In the meantime, I suggest that we ought to have
    the bravery to guard our freedoms if we with to remain "the land of the
    free and the home of the brave".

    Faisal Jawdat
    Redwood City, CA